Dinah Don’t Blow Your Horn: Many Greenpoint/Williamsburg Residents Absconding for Bushwick in Wake of New Ferry’s “Blowing”

May 12, 2017 0 146 News

It goes without saying that New York is a place where one is to expect his or her (or their or —) fair share of loud noises. But many North Brooklynites are drawing the line at boat noise. Isn’t it enough to endure the endless honking of cars, trunks and the random drunken rantings of passersby outside of your dingy, far too small¬†window? Apparently not amid the cluster fuck that is Greenpoint/Williamsburg.

Packs a powerful sound

This is precisely why many uppity residents who thought they had managed to escape the folly and Banksy fanfare of Bushwick are considering a move to the biggest frat house in the North Brooklyn nexus. As one Greenpointer, Darrin Lenutz, a 34-year-old barista at Cafe Grumpy (much to his Girls-related chagrin), put it, “I can’t take this kind of blowing unless it relates to my dick.”

And yes, the horn does blow rather ad nauseum at highly unexpected intervals to those simply trying to live their The Bedford Stop lifestyle in peace. That being said, Bushwick’s nearest body of water, the English Kills, isn’t likely to have any boats floating around on it unless it’s a canoe to Rando’s Island.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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