Don’t Miss Your Chance for Genderless Gingerbread Cookies at Bake Shop

December 21, 2017 Comments Off on Don’t Miss Your Chance for Genderless Gingerbread Cookies at Bake Shop 215 Food

While one would, by first glance, assume that all gingerbread cookies were genderless, Bake Shop, still getting over the controversy of offering sploshing cakes for weddings, birthdays and other “special” occasions (though, in Bushwick, “special” can tend to mean putting on non-hobo inspired clothing), maintains that, no, there is a distinction.

“He’s inferred to be a man because of his bowtie”

As lead baker on the product Marka Fluide, a person who ascribes to neither gender and is therefore the most qualified to bake these cookies, commented, “The implication with all gingerbread cookies is that they’re men. Some olds still even specifically call them gingerbread men. And many still design them with bowties, adding to the inference of his gender. Which is another offensive aspect of the gingerbread cookie as a whole–why is it assumed that a woman wouldn’t be wearing a bowtie?”

Don’t miss out, these prices are a steal

All that being said, Bake Shop will, while supplies last, be offering up genderless gingerbread “figures” at just $2.50 per “piece” through Christmas Day. So if you, like so many Bushwickians, have been offended by the overt and longtime sexism of the gingerbread “man,” you better take a bite out of this nondescript, nonexistent genitalia before they’re all gone.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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