El Rey Shut Down for Footloose Reasons

June 14, 2015 1 713 Local Business, News

For anyone who has ever sought an uncomfortable late-night place to dance, El Rey Restaurant on the corner of Bushwick Avenue and Flushing Avenue was always able to deliver. With its blasting speakers, moderately priced beer/shot special and evil eye glaring from Dominican regulars, it was the spot to satisfy your desire not to go home before 5 a.m. (though, as we all know, it was just a substitute for the Wreck Room void).

The defunct exterior of El Rey, with tattered posters and all

The defunct exterior of El Rey, with tattered posters and all

But alas, due to a new Bushwick law that iterates a Footloose approach to dancing, “excessive bodily movement in public places between Broadway and Evergreen” has been banned. Why the Bushwick Committee to Monitor Fun has cracked down specifically on this part of town has been kept under wraps.

Even Kevin Bacon can't bring the El Rey back

Even Kevin Bacon can’t bring the El Rey back

All the head of the committee, Sharice Amusmentstopper, a 46-year-old originally from Ossining, would say was, “There has been a surge of inappropriate activity ranging particularly within these blocks–and the El Rey is at the center of it all.” The management at El Rey would not comment on the situation, or whether there are any plans to relocate to East New York. In the meantime, The Burning Bush laments that your dancing fix will have to be collected at Tandem.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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