Emoji Artist Takes Bushwick by Storm

June 22, 2015 Comments Off on Emoji Artist Takes Bushwick by Storm 746 Art

Every artist in Bushwick is constantly looking for the next big medium to take the neighborhood by storm. From sculpture molds made from pigeon shit to period blood tagging, local artists always know how to one-up each other. But the latest sensation, Trayvon Emotive, a 22-year-old from Hudson, has officially blown everyone else out of these paint-filled waters.

"Day at the Beach" emoji art

“Day at the Beach” emoji art

“My creations are unparalleled. No one in the art world is doing what I’m doing,” Emotive humbly stated. What he’s doing, exactly, is creating carefully detailed images using a meticulously curated array of emojis that transform the individual pieces into a whole–a seemingly living, breathing human with passions and interests that spring off the printout.

"Elegant Woman Taken by Surprise" emoji art

“Elegant Woman Taken by Surprise” emoji art

“His work is genius,” gushed Living Gallery curator Marsha Fallow, a 39-year-old who went to Otis College near the Los Angeles airport. “What he’s doing is not soon to be forgotten. It’s possibly the most relevant and reflective art of the twenty-first century.” Other Bushwickians appear to agree, with Emotive’s designs selling for as much as $2,000 per piece. His latest to be sold was “Female Enjoying Pizza.”

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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