Every New Year’s Eve Party Just Becoming A Dead Famous People Theme

December 28, 2016 Comments Off on Every New Year’s Eve Party Just Becoming A Dead Famous People Theme 498 News

While Bushwick is known for its partying spirit, a grim pall has fallen over the nation (it’s separated from everything else since Trump got nominated, remember?). So rather than have standard tinsel-filled celebrations, the neighborhood has decided to simply honor what 2016 was all about: dead celebrities of an icon variety.

The most iconic duo

Trenton Vallman, a lontime 32-year-old bartender at Cobra Club, stated, “Yeah, we were gonna have like an Old Hollywood theme at first, but somewhere around the time Fidel Castro kicked it, which was only back in late November, that was when we figured, let’s make this party about dead celebrities.”

Practically the same death day

Vallman isn’t the only one getting in on the vulture-like action of celebrating death. Other local bars and venues, including The Dromedary (one of many tiki bars confusing Bushwickians about what year it is), Commodore II, Sunnyvale, Silent Barn and Gold Sounds are all having either single motif parties (e.g. Syndicated’s Purple Rain event) or melded together corpse honoring. So regardless of where you are New Year’s Eve in Bushwick, you’ll be one morbid motherfucker no matter what.

Written Genna Rivieccio

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