Exposé: Rafael Fuchs is the Terry Richardson of Bushwick

July 21, 2015 1 1540 Art, Photography

Like Terry Ricardson, that enfant terrible known for perversity and sexual inappropriateness during photo shoots, Bushwick, too, has its own version of the notorious fashion photographer in the form of one, Rafael Fuchs.

Fuchs' Richardson-esque subjects

Fuchs’ Richardson-esque subjects

With his own gallery located at 56 Bogart Street (former home to Mellow Pages, RIP), it’s no secret that Fuchs has the monopoly on what gets displayed in this town–usually a healthy dose of his own work, which has Richardson-esque qualities, to say the least. Take, for instance, his “early Paris work,” showcasing a smattering of nude females in that most cliche of settings, the dilapidated apartment.

Quelle surprise, another naked woman

Quelle surprise, another naked woman

While Fuchs declined to comment on the obvious parallels between himself and Richardson to The Burning Bush, an anonymous former model was willing to say this: “I wouldn’t have posed for Fuchs if I didn’t think it was going to advance my career as an artist in Bushwick. I won’t say what occurred between us during our session, but I will caution anyone not to work with him unless you’re willing to make some…compromises.” Meanwhile, Richardson is slated to do a shoot for VICE using the McKibbin as his backdrop. Will Fuchs’ standing upon the perch of creepiest photog in Bushwick thusly be threatened?

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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