Fine & Raw Joins in On Feud Against Mast Brothers Chocolate

March 17, 2015 Comments Off on Fine & Raw Joins in On Feud Against Mast Brothers Chocolate 1737 Local Business, News

In case you hadn’t already heard, everyone in the chocolate-making industry fucking hates Mast Brothers. So who’s the latest to join in on a feud in which everyone’s seeing brown (yes, that sounds gross)? Bushwick’s own premier purveyor of chocolate, Fine & Raw, of course.

Mast Brothers don't impress Fine & Raw--or anyone else

Mast Brothers don’t impress Fine & Raw–or anyone else

Rodolfe Wiquide, the master chocolate maker at Fine & Raw best known for making dick-shaped chocolates with Santa hats on them last Christmas, spoke candidly about his ire for the Mast Brothers. “For too long, they have coasted off of their name. But they have not provided the goods to back up their so-called prestige. It’s time that the chocolatiers who know what they’re doing take these amateurs down.”

Veruca Salt on the chocolate war: WTF

Veruca Salt on the chocolate war: WTF

It’s true that most chocolate connoisseurs abhor the Mast Brothers and are currently seeking to oust the company’s flagship store in Williamsburg for their own chocolate glory-seeking purposes. Fine & Raw is just one of the many contenders in the running to expand to the space Mast Brothers currently occupies. With such frenzied competition in the candy world, it makes one contemplate whether Roald Dahl did us a disservice by leading us to believe it was all roses and sweetness (though Veruca Salt was a telltale sign of the industry’s seedy underbelly). 

Written by Genna Rivieccio


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