Flash Flood Resin Water & Leftover Margarita Mix to Create Weekend Party

May 6, 2017 Comments Off on Flash Flood Resin Water & Leftover Margarita Mix to Create Weekend Party 306 News

For most Bushwickians, all alcoholic-related holidays are cause for celebration and, therefore, vexation when the weather isn’t accommodating or conducive to their needs for getting highly intoxicated in a pleasant temperature.

It’s a mix

Bushwickians ever prone to getting Midtown jobs managed to find one silver lining about their flood-riddled commute through Penn Station back to the nexus, and that was collecting it for their upcoming weekend plans to really “do Cinco de Mayo right” post-intense rainfall. Ricardo Parto, the local organizing the giant party in the back of Los Hermanos (still struggling to stay afloat) where the tortillas are usually made, explained, “Flood water is a great diluter, and we want to be able to keep people going through the morning.


While those who have seen fliers for the party have been largely unmoved by the prospect of diluted alcohol–when Cinco de Mayo is all about getting drunk or something that has nothing to do with Mexican independence apparently–Parto is confident that the sounds of revelry coming through the factory will lure unsuspecting people in, the ones that don’t know the margaritas are diluted, and are thus highly susceptible to the placebo effect. However, you more discerning alcoholics may simply want to go to the kind of bona fide Bushwick Mexican place with cockroaches milling around in the ingredients to complete your uncarried out festivities from Friday.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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