Flying Lotus Ad Prophecies the Worst for Bushwick

October 30, 2014 Comments Off on Flying Lotus Ad Prophecies the Worst for Bushwick 601 Music, News

On the occasion that you’ve never listened to Flying Lotus before, chances are, if you live in Bushwick, you’ve been cajoled into it after passing by the graffitied ad for it at the corner of Bogart and Cook Street. The stark, no frills promotion of the electronic producer’s fifth studio album, You’re Dead!, does not bode well for Bushwickians, already subject to the supernatural vibes pervading the area of late.

Flying Lotus predicts Bushwick's fall

Flying Lotus predicts Bushwick’s fall

The very subliminal nature of the album, with its moans and ambient sounds, is enough to give one a case of the creeps, especially if you choose to give in to listening to it as a direct result of seeing the advertisement off the Morgan stop. It’s almost as though Flying Lotus is beckoning us to him, daring us not to be forewarned that Bushwick is due for a death. What that death entails, we don’t know. The presence of another Starbucks or church condo? So be it. Maybe Bushwick’s already dead, so there’s nothing Flying Lotus can really do to further cinch the (real estate) deal.

Written by Genna Rivieccio


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