Frank Asiago Takes Bushwick By Storm With Basic Bitch Candles

November 8, 2015 1 828 News

Frank Asiago, the rough-hewn pretty boy best known for competing in the Bushwick Mr. Basic Contest earlier this year, has taken his connoisseurship of all things basic and Bushwick to create an unstoppable candle company that has even put Psy Ko’s shit-scented offerings (created as a tribute to the neighborhood) to shame.

One of Asiago's most popular scents

One of Asiago’s most popular scents

“I just take the essence of every girl I fuck and put her into a candle afterward. Sometimes it’s really challenging because they’re all so similar, but I manage to extract something from them every time. I’m like the Jean-Baptiste fuckin’ Grenouille of Bushwick,” Asiago asserted.

Asiago's latest scent

Asiago’s latest scent

His latest and currently most popular scent, “Juice Cleanse,” has been flying off the shelves of his so-called storefront, located at his apartment off the Jefferson stop where he conducts all of his commingled business and pleasure. The lack of exclusivity or preciousness of the candles is intentional, says Asiago, who is a firm believer in the Andy Warhol method of mass production. “None of my candles are rare or special, just like the basic bitches they’re inspired by,” noted Asiago. Thus, there’s no rush to buy the candle of your choice. They’re always in stock.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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