Freeganism Movement in Bushwick Affecting Local Restaurants

October 5, 2015 1 550 News

With rent prices being what they are in this town, Bushwickians have been taking a shine to the freeganism movement so popular in places like the People’s Republic of Berkeley. While the pickings from the trash cans of Bushwick offer little in the way of nutritional value, they are certainly rife with plenty of half-eaten chicken bones and pizza slices.

"Live free, eat trash" tag proves freeganism is a movement in Bushwick

“Live free, eat trash” tag proves freeganism is a movement in Bushwick

“My crew and I started scouring the streets near Morgan Avenue in the daytime, when trash bins aren’t so overly full that it’s just like nasty shit. We usually make out with at least a few bags of snacks and maybe a rotten piece of fruit if we’re really lucky with fulfilling all the food groups on the pyramid,” stated Juan Libre, a 24-year-old at the forefront of Bushwick’s freeganism chapter. Although this has been great for residents looking to cut down on costs, many local restaurants are suffering from the recent dip in patronage.

Bushwickian practicing freeganism

Bushwickian practicing freeganism

“We’ve seen far fewer people coming into the restaurant since this freeganism thing took hold,” confirmed Blake Atmercie, a 26-year-old server at Montana’s Trail House. Another nearby business, Los Hermanos (which has already been suffering anyway), also added, “We see more people out by our trash cans than in our establishment now.” With no signs of this freegan trend slowing down, it’s likely that only the richies visiting from Manhattan will be able to support the Bushwick restaurant industry.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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