Friends Officially Sold Out of All “Fashion” Eclipse Glasses

August 21, 2017 Comments Off on Friends Officially Sold Out of All “Fashion” Eclipse Glasses 270 Fashion

Any Bushwickian shrewd enough to secure a spot on a rooftop early enough to not need to fight for a spot was also forward-thinking enough to buy their “fashion” solar eclipse glasses from Friends (formerly Mary Meyer) at least two months in advance. What exactly are “fashion” eclipse glasses, you wonder? Well, The Burning Bush was able to get an exclusive with the highly reclusive designer Randi Tajumoto, a 22-year-old of unclear gender.

Fashion eclipse glasses

“We want to give the looq a golden sunshine, futuristic feel. It’s made out of stardust and stainless steel to create thees eefect,” she cooed while sipping from strawberry lemonade and wearing the glasses herself whilst draped in an all-black lightweight cotton sack. “The idea ees that people weel wear thees long after eclipse.”

One can’t simply WATCH the eclipse, one must EXPERIENCE it–with the right fashion glasses

And at $250 a pop, it’s now wonder that the limited edition glasses, of which only thirty pairs were made, have officially sold out as of this morning. So don’t even bother showing up to a rooftop in your plebe’s movie theater glasses. Everyone with the Friends x Randi Tajumoto Stardust Memories Limited Edition Collector’s Item Eclipse 2017 Glasses will be able to, like, literally see right through you.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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