Gender Neutral Beer Rolled Out Lazily In Time for Pride Month at Bars Throughout Bushwick

June 16, 2017 0 95 Bars, bars in bushwick

It’s rather unclear what exactly a gender neutral can of beer is supposed to entail. Is the beer made differently somehow? Is the yeast supposed to be somehow less feminine (after all, one automatically thinks “woman” when the word yeast is used–you know, as in infection)? Whatever it may mean, these “gender neutral” beverages are being rolled out somewhat lazily in the middle of June in order to obligatorily honor pride.

What is gender neutrality in alcohol?

Bars like Heavy Woods, The Rookery (still bristled over Talon Bar’s theme) and even Bonus Room (somewhat too hickish for such a beer motif to be implemented) have already made the rainbow-packaged delight available as of today, with some employees commenting, “Yeah, I don’t think there’s really anything gender neutral about it. It just has a rainbow color scheme.”

All you need is a rainbow slapped on a can to make alcohol gender neutral

But this seems to be all it takes to allure gays to an otherwise homosexual wasteland (save for, one supposes, House of Maybe). That’s right, Bushwick remains one of the least sought after neighborhoods for gay culture (and therefore Pride Month activities) of any kind. Which is precisely why the addition of this “special” beer to the only other former unofficial gay bar in town, Tandem–now Mad Tropical–could create a boon of sex that Selena Gomez might think was scandalous.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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