Genderless Clothing Store Eyes Bushwick Location

April 21, 2017 Comments Off on Genderless Clothing Store Eyes Bushwick Location 419 Fashion

Gender is an illusion–didn’t you learn that from the Season Three episode of Sex and the City entitled “Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl…”? And no one is proving that better than a fairly new clothing company called 69, founded in 2011.

Gender, what gender?

With the concept of being “male” or “female” being so very twentieth century (I mean, really, if you haven’t embraced a third, fourth or fifth gender by now, you’re very clearly not woke), 69 is only going to continue to gain traction with a brand that can be worn by any body without being attributable to any sex.

Fuck your gender

This makes 69 a shoo-in for the available space at the corner of Wilson Avenue and Troutman Street, where many a genderless population resides. The manager of the location, S., a person that stands outside of space and time, has also confirmed that the store will offer a wide selection of black, white and gray tones. Get ready to slip into something a little more…gender-free.

Written by Genna Rivieccio


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