Local Girl Is Forced to Shower in Bar As A Result of Too Many Roommates

November 2, 2017 Comments Off on Local Girl Is Forced to Shower in Bar As A Result of Too Many Roommates 253 News

There’s only so long a person can wait to piss and/or shower after foot-tapping interminably while one of five other roommates occupies the lone bathroom for too long (too long being any period of time above one minute).

The embarrassment of it all

That being said, one local girl forced to live with a varying number of other roommates ranging from five to ten (based on when their significant others are over or they’re having an orgy) has taken a very public shower.

Crying and not laughing

Lucinda Lee, the 23-year-old who had no idea that moving to New York for her fashion dreams would mean walking around smelling like shit, explained the emotions she was feeling as she stepped into a random shower that just so happened to be located in the corner of her favorite Taurus-centric bar, Chirpers. “I’d never noticed it there before, mainly because the odor coming from the bathrooms is usually too repulsive to attract my interest. But in a moment of drunken brilliance, I decided to investigate further. Lo and behold there was a shower, a mirage of a red with white polka dots vision. And so I stepped in.” It was later revealed the Lee was dosed with a combination of MDMA and mushrooms, and had imagined the presence of the shower. She didn’t imagine, however, that she took off all her clothes and started pantomiming the motions of a lather. Just goes to show the detrimental effects of sharing a bathroom in Bushwick.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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