Girls Tour Bus Explodes in Front of Wreck Room

April 6, 2014 1 583 Local Business, News

As you may have heard, the inexplicably popular show Girls has been having tours throughout the areas where the show takes place. Besides Williamsburg and Greenpoint, the narrative has also featured many scenes in Bushwick. Unfortunately, the first round of tours proved fatal for one bus that happened to be stopped outside of the light at Evergreen and Flushing, right by everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure, Wreck Room.

The site of the tragic crash

The site of the tragic crash

Just as tour guide and recent Minnesota transplant/longtime fan of the series Hannah Ullman (whose favorite character on the show is obviously Hannah) was explaining that she once saw the back of Lena Dunham’s head at an art gallery in Williamsburg, the bus began making a garbling sound. Seconds later, it was up in flames. The only survivor was the driver, Leroy Jenkins, who commented, “I never watched Girls and now I never will.”

Photo Credit: New York Daily News

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