Halloween or Bushwick Replaces Halloween or Williamsburg Tumblr

October 20, 2014 1 785 Art, Hipster Commentary, News

Once upon a time, circa the early and mid 00s, Williamsburg was a haven for weirdos, freaks and misfits. Now you’re banned if you fall into either one of those categories. That’s why the semi-defunct Tumblr known as Halloween or Williamsburg has fallen off. Luckily, Bushwick is still a mild sanctuary for mutants and miscreations who want to showcase style that begs the question: Halloween or Bushwick?

What Williamsburg's part of the L train used to look like

What Williamsburg’s part of the L train used to look like

The founder of this derivatively avant-garde Tumblr, Bette Sanderson, a 10-year old whose mother named her in honor of Hocus Pocus, spoke to The Burning Bush about the importance of creating the blog during one of the last years it’s likely for Bushwick residents to dress in a costume-like manner on a daily basis.

Unclear garb choices

Unclear garb choices

Sanderson stated, “I have a psychic sense about neighborhood trends. My mom and I have lived in Bushwick since I was born, so I can see things pretty objectively. And I know that by next year, it’s gonna be Old Navy/J.Crew normcore central.” Until then, Sanderson plans to take as much advantage as she can of the pervasive Bushwickian love of dressing like it’s Halloween even when it’s not.

Written by Genna Rivieccio


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