Honey’s To Start Serving Cocktails With Drones

November 2, 2017 Comments Off on Honey’s To Start Serving Cocktails With Drones 169 News

Considering its rather unfavorable location amid the recesses of Scott Avenue, where only Bunker and Nooklyn (even after its little tiff with Silent Barn back in 2016) can seem to thrive, Honey’s cocktail bar is incorporating a new gimmick: cocktails served by drones.

Your new cocktail server

Inessentials, the company that’s created the specific line of drones for the sole purpose of cocktail serving, is billing the concept as “the perfectly unnecessary way to serve a drink.” And yes, that’s almost an understatement as the drones will still need to be controlled by the bartender.

Honey’s is getting a new taste: drones

The current bar manager, Marty Bum, a 36-year-old who grudgingly left his job at more reputable cocktail bar Pouring Ribbons in the East Village to preserve what was left of his hearing, commented, “Do I wanna be the agent that implements this bullshit? No. Do I have to in order to pander to a millennial lust for novelty? Yes. We need more foot traffic over here, and by drones, we’re gonna get it. The spreading of drone cocktail servers also expounds upon another local bar’s, VOID, desire to stamp out all auditory verbal communication.

Written by Genna Rivieccio


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