Hops & Hocks Shutters Doors As Neighborhood Proves Unprepared for Their Level of Bourgeois

April 8, 2014 4 905 Gentrification, Local Business, News

Even though Bushwick is ever mutating into Williamsburg, the suddenness of Hops & Hocks proved too much bourgeois product for the neighborhood to handle. The specialty purveyor of fine charcuterie, cheeses and ales opened in October of last year, and has been causing an uproar among residents with…a simpler palette.

Hops & Hocks no more.

Hops & Hocks no more.

The closest Hops & Hocks gets to anything resembling blue collar is allowing you to assemble your own six-pack of beer. This one saving grace, however, has not been enough to quell the anti-bourgeois masses. One local resident commented, “Roberta’s is as far as I take it with fancy shmancy crap in Bushwick.” Another noted, “If we let sheep’s milk cheese in, what’s next? A restaurant that only serves veal?” A valid query indeed.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

Photo Credit: The Burning Bush