House of Maybe to Become Bushwick’s Premier Space for “Happenings”

June 16, 2015 1 546 Art, Local Business

Like the obsessive character of Jacqueline played by Parker Posey in The House of Yes, the founders of House of Maybe in Bushwick named it in vague honor of the movie due to their own preoccupation with it. Co-curators Mickey Nimaj, a 23-year-old aspiring actress, Yola Twyce, a 24-year-old mixed media artist and Robby Arthandler, a 28-year-old who provides most of the money for keeping the space open, are working around the clock to make House of Maybe the premier source for “art happenings” in the neighborhood.

One of the many areas in House of Maybe where a "happening" can transpire

One of the many areas in House of Maybe where a “happening” can transpire

“What we mean by ‘art happening’ is just, like, a place people can come to show their art or talk about art or even re-create art–like fucking in a bag the way Yoko Ono did or something. We encourage innovation, but we don’t mind copying either,” explained Nimaj. She also added that the space, located at the corner of Wyckoff and Jefferson, is always stocked with food from Los Hermanos, as well as beer from Hana Food.

Where House of Maybe culled its inspiration

Where House of Maybe culled its inspiration

If this isn’t enough incitement to tap into your inner artist, Arthandler further enticed with the promise: “We make porn, too. But only if we can tell that the people we choose are going to come back on a regular basis.” Throughout The Burning Bush’s walk-through of the building, Yola Twyce remained silent. “It’s part of her art,” noted Nimaj.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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