House of Maybe to Enlist Animatronic Turkey for Thanksgiving Performance

November 24, 2017 0 174 Food

For the most part, we all feel pretty propped up by the robot inside. The one that’s taken over our ability to experience emotion after living on this earth and in this town for so long. So why shouldn’t the turkeys of Bushwick be as well? At least that’s the House of Maybe’s thinking in offering a themed Thanksgiving performance tonight with an animatronic turkey as the star (and not just because no one else is available to work).

The star of the show

“We wanted not only to make people see a kindred spirit in the robotic nature of the turkey, Terry Turkason, a nine-year-old corpse of a bird that was shoved full of machinery in order to be made to dance, but also to make them completely grossed out by the notion of ever even thinking about eating a turkey again,” commented the writer of the musical, Sheila Avian, a 27-year-old from Northampton.

Ballet segment to be included

Titled Dance, Birdy, Dance, the musical production will feature a range of different dance performances, including an homage to Swan Lake and Robert Rodriguez’s Planet Terror. “The idea is to make it a commentary on how we ought to view turkeys as human beings, animatronic or not. As such, we should not eat them. If people see them dancing in this way, expressing themselves–even if under the control of a human hand, maybe a change can be affected. Because, to be honest, the turkey you see performing here tonight is a lot livelier than most people I’ve seen walking the streets of Bushwick in an iPhone or drunk/hungover coma,” stated Avian. So if you find yourself familyless–or even friendless–on Thanksgiving tonight, pop into House of Maybe, where your already nonexistent interest in eating turkey will only further be augmented.

Written by Genna Rivieccio


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