House of Maybe to Take Legal Action Against Brooklyn Bazaar for Their Twin Peaks Immersive Experience

May 18, 2017 0 86 News

House of Maybe has long been one of the only North Brooklyn sources for “immersive experiences” of a pop culture variety. Legendary for their Little Cinema series, the often controversial venue has taken on films as wide-ranging as Romeo + Juliet to The NeverEnding Story to the delight (and sometimes dismay) of all those who have attended.

A damn fine re-creation

But now to step into the ring and step on some toes is Brooklyn Bazaar, which held its own far-more-immersive-than-anything-House of Maybe has ever done event last night. “We don’t want to say we’ve ‘got it down’ more than House of Maybe, but, well, if the cotton balls fit the drape tracks…” stated one of the party’s organizers, Linch Pinn, a 45-year-old who watched Twin Peaks when it originally aired on ABC.

Full tilt

Furthermore, unlike House of Maybe, Brooklyn Bazaar took their food game to the next level by completely reconstructing the Double R diner to nourish drunken revelers with all the donuts they would need to totter through the night. Most attendees refused to even break character, especially one ponytailed man posing as Leo Johnson in a wheelchair drooling on himself as his friend, in full-fledged Audrey Horne attire, poured a cup of alcohol into his mouth. You won’t see this level of commitment at House of Maybe. Thus, the pressure to one-up is on–first and foremost by bringing a lawsuit against Brooklyn Bazaar for stealing their title, “immersive.” Though one local and unbiased judge questioned by The Burning Bush commented, “The only person with the monopoly on the word ‘immersive’ is probably exclusive to the type willing to shell out for a sound bath.”

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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