Ice Bar Opens in Bushwick At Possibly the Worst Time

January 2, 2018 0 218 News

As the world capital of most bars per every one hundred feet (even more than Detroit, mind you), Bushwick is always only too happy to accommodate any potential new alcoholic outpost, especially when it has a theme. Thus, a new ice bar, not be confused with the Ice Bar, located in Barcelona and other more “cosmopolitan” cities like Rome, is opening along the same stretch of road as Diamondlands and Ichiran.

Iced out

The name of the bar? Iced Out, of course. Though the co-owners of the bar, Juan Paolo and Serena Muntando, two nebulous émigrés of nebulous age, might have a cash cow on their hands, deciding to launch the concept at the end of January might not have been the best idea considering the temperatures of late have barely been clearing the double digit arena.


And yet, sometimes people mistakenly assume that the masses are going to want to go to a place that correlates to the weather patterns of one’s city. Not so. At least that’s the general sense one gets from a random smattering of comments on the matter. Like Lisa Bona, a 24-year-old who, based on her age, should theoretically be amenable to unpleasant outings for the sake of the Instagram photo potential. “You couldn’t pay me enough money to go to an ice-themed bar in this weather. It’s just asking for trouble–and not the kind I like.” But one never knows, maybe business will pick up when it actually starts to feel warmer in the bar than it does outside, which is quickly becoming a strong possibility.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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