Image Cake Shop, Altered Imagez, Opens on Stanhope

May 6, 2014 3 2525 Food, Local Business, News

Just when you thought the novelty of the image cake was solely in the power of Carvel, Urusla Mousse, a veteran pastry chef from Bosnia-Herzegovina, decided to take back the art. Her image specialty? Crime scenes.

One of Mousse's signature congratulatory cakes

One of Mousse’s signature congratulatory cakes

“Bushwick was the natural choice for me to open up a shop when you consider my theme. There’s always blood on the streets here, so it’s the perfect fit.” Mousse’s knack for creating image cakes began right around the time when the U.S. was intervening in Bosnia’s affairs. As bombs would go off right and left, Mousse distracted herself by using the horrendous scenes of death as inspiration.

Mousse does wedding cake toppers, too

Mousse does wedding cake toppers, too

By the time she escaped what became Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1997, she was ready to share her artistry with the world. Stopping over in cities like Belgrade in Serbia and Zagreb in Croatia for a few years each along the way, Mousse finally felt confident in her ability to take on the competitive cake market in New York.

When The Burning Bush asked Mousse the meaning behind the name of her storefront, she admitted, “I got it from the 80s band. You know, that famous song, ‘Happy Birthday.’ It had only just gotten to Bosnia around the time I was first learning how to make image cakes. I took it as a sign.” She elaborated, “I replaced the ‘s’ with a ‘z’ to give it a Bushwick edge.”

Happy birthday

Happy birthday

While Mousse will be more than happy to re-create scenes from violent movies too, you’ll do well to ask her for her specialty, the Red Blood Velvet Cake. It’s a true masterpiece. Grab a slice for your next birthday party or self-celebratory event!

Written by Genna Rivieccio