Increased Sightings of the Ghost of Maria Hernandez

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Anyone can count on chills running up their spine as they watch the dust suspiciously sweep and swirl up into the air on a still summer night after dark in Maria Hernandez Park. From whispers heard from unseen faces and unsettling bumps and clanks through the night arise questions such as, “is it you, Maria?” Perhaps she is resonating with enmity at the fact that people are still selling smack on the Bushwick streets that she died trying to clean up. Maybe she’s just severely bored and has a mischievous streak that no one really talks about, a real practical jokester. For those of you who don’t know, Maria Hernandez, a longtime Bushwick resident, hated drugs and drug dealers in her neighborhood so passionately that she fought to have the peddlers evicted from their homes. Obviously, the drug dealers hated her too, because she was shot multiple times and killed through the window of her Starr Street apartment in 1989.

An infuriating sight for Hernandez.

An infuriating sight for Hernandez.

This sort of quarrel can’t be stifled by twenty-five years and we at the Burning Bush believe that Maria Hernandez may still be at it, relentlessly fighting to flush out drugs and attempting to recruit people from the other side to join her in battle. This is just one of the many reasons why Maria Hernandez Park is one of the best places to have a seance. Many skeptics have been questioning the existence of the recent paranormal activity that locals have been buzzing about, but an insider tells us the details of his firsthand account of what he believes was an encounter with the spirit of Mrs. Hernandez. Chris DaPort, 32, record producer and Bushwick resident says that he was walking home after a late night at Bizarre when he took a drunken wrong turn and ended up in Maria Hernandez Park. “A huge gust of wind just knocked me right off my feet and onto the ground,” said DaPort. “All of the sudden, I was laying on my back in the middle of the park and about a dozen stray cats came up and started attacking me. It wasn’t just happenstance, it was.. metaphysical.” It is still unclear whether or not Chris DaPort was under the influence of more than just alcohol, but if he was, then it makes sense that it was in fact Maria Hernandez who attacked him in the park that night.


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Written By Nicole Benson

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