Intense Shudderings Documented Within One Mile Radius of McKibbin Street

January 17, 2015 4 512 News, Real Estate

The tales the streets of the McKibbin could tell are infinite. Like so many other parts of Bushwick, it is haunted with sexual and drug-related incidents of decades past that have riddled its street with an energy and aura of utter creepiness. In fact, passing by these streets has more frequently induced uncontrollable shudderings that have been documented with increased precision by local unemployed McKibbin loft resident, Sean Lifeless, a 36-year-old from Taos, New Mexico.

One look and you'll shudder

One look and you’ll shudder

Lifeless told The Burning Bush, “I started to take note of people looking as though they had gone into epileptic shock every time they would pass by my block. I thought it was rather strange, like maybe there was something I was missing. Around 6 p.m. every day (I usually wake up at 5), I would start to make a check mark on my notepad every time I saw someone reacting unfavorably to the street.”

Actually walking down the street causes a person to collapse completely

Actually walking down the street causes a person to collapse completely

One of the sufferers of the shudderings, Jane Tromma, a 25-year-old receptionist at The Beehive Salon in Williamsburg, was walking (her job obviously doesn’t pay her enough to take the train) back from work down Bushwick Avenue one night when the shock of the Mckibbin Street sign hit her and she was struck with a paralysis of bodily quakes in response to the odious block. “When I saw what happened to Jane,” stated Lifeless, “I knew I had to actually leave my loft to see what this shit was all about. Once I walked past the sign the way all the other non-McKibbin residents had, I finally got some perspective. Our street is fucking disturbing.”

Written by Genna Rivieccio