It’s Not Lit…But It Is Tilt

December 28, 2016 Comments Off on It’s Not Lit…But It Is Tilt 633 Local Business, News

The anticipation leading up to Lit Lounge opening in the McKibbin has been going on since roughly around the time of this website’s conception. And yet, it’s not Lit Lounge after all this time, so much as Tilt–still owned by the the same duo that brought some people the East Village staple, known for its guaranteed brand of debauchery.

If the bathroom’s any indication…

But rather than limit Tilt to just one form of indulgence, the Lit Lounge veterans have divvied up the space beneath the lower regions of the McKibbin, which has been cleared up of the black hole for the time being to make way for the space, into three sections: the Rainbow Room for pansexuals, the Dark Chocolate Room for the ethnic fetishists and the Red Room for people who like to have sex while on their period.

No frills decor styling

“We know it’s likely having something described as a ‘community space/bar’ is likely to further attract the wrong element to the McKibbin, but we really don’t care. We need to make profits on overpriced PBR and Ballantine. It’s what Goodbye Blue Monday would’ve wanted,” stated co-owner Markus Ralias, a 36-year-old from Harrisburg, PA. So no matter how inappropriately overaged you are for the McKibbin scene, simply swallow your pride as you swallow your piss beer.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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