John Wick Advertising in Bushwick Is Subtle Method For Telling Everyone They’re Basic

October 10, 2014 1 1465 Celebrity Infiltration, News

Keanu Reeves is one of those polarizing actors either deemed completely shallow or arcanely filled with depth. His latest movie, John Wick, proves he’s more of the latter as it turns out it’s his intention to send a message to Bushwickians with the omnipresent advertising blitzkrieg throughout subway stops off the L train. The Burning Bush had a chance to get a quick sit-down with the Bill & Ted actor and ask him about the meaning behind the title of the film.

Omnipresent ads off every L train stop is all part of Keanu's master plan

Omnipresent ads off every L train stop is all part of Keanu’s master plan

“The script was originally going to be called Retired Hitman, but I wanted it to be called John Wick after I went to Bushwick to eat at Roberta’s. I noticed everyone around me looked exactly the same, in their knitwear and tattered shirts. It made me re-think the possibilities of what I could do with the film. By calling it John Wick, I’m subliminally telling Bushwickians that that’s what they are. Instead of John or Jane Doe. They’re John or Jane Wick. All fucking basic.”

Keanu Reeves telling us in earnest that we're basic

Keanu Reeves telling us in earnest that we’re basic

The Burning Bush was somewhat stunned by Reeves’ unexpected and profound assault on Bushwick denizens. We kind of liked it though. It appealed to our masochism. Reeves also added, “Check out John Wick, in theaters October 24th.”

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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