Kenan Thompson, Jay Pharoah & Kevin Hart Move to Bushwick to Actually Open Martha’s Mayonnaise

January 21, 2015 5 953 Local Business, News

It’s the sketch that wouldn’t die at this point. Anyone and everyone who has ever lived in or currently inhabits Bushwick is clinging on to the parody of the neighborhood from the January 17th episode of Saturday Night Live. In spite of its somewhat lackluster caricaturing, the sketch has, nonetheless, prompted Kenan Thompson, Jay Pharoah and Kevin Hart to actually open up that Martha’s Mayonnaise spot shown in the clip. 

Bushwickians want Martha's Mayonnaise to be real, evidently

Bushwickians want Martha’s Mayonnaise to be real, evidently

Equal parts response to Empire Mayonnaise’s (the storefront used to pose as Martha’s Mayonnaise) recent business decision to sell the garlic truffle mayonnaise name checked in the skit and a general desire to capitalize on the popularity of the nonexistent store, the trio has opted to rent out a space off Jefferson Street in order to meet the millennial demand for something they don’t really want: artisanal mayonnaise.

Future business owners

Future business owners

One Bushwick resident, Karen Bandewagonne, a 26-year-old fashion design student at Pratt, said, “Yeah, I don’t even really like mayonnaise. But it would be nice to have a stronger celebrity presence in the neighborhood,” she concluded with a shrug. Other older residents, like 45-year-old Sam Changeaverse, balked, “A mayonnaise store? What’s next? An ice cream pasties pop-up shop?” Overall, however, the sentiment toward the opening of the shop(pe) has been one akin to full-fledged clamoring. Luckily, another local business owner (who prefers to remain anonymous at this time) has plans to open a vintage Thighmaster store next door–so you can shovel in that mayonnaise to your cholesterol-laden heart’s content. 

Written by Genna Rivieccio