“Kendall Jenner Doesn’t Tip” Graffito Crops Up After Her Baby’s All Right Faux Pas

August 8, 2017 Comments Off on “Kendall Jenner Doesn’t Tip” Graffito Crops Up After Her Baby’s All Right Faux Pas 290 News

Though the offending incident of rich-ass, oblivion-sporting Kendall Jenner not tipping at Baby’s All Right took place on Williamsburg soil, the notoriety and the gall of the act has spread to Bushwick in the form of one local graffiti artist scrawling an image of the bastard Kardashian with the caption “Kendall Jenner Doesn’t Tip” throughout avenues ranging from Knickerbocker to Dekalb.

The rumors are true

The intent of the “artist,” who suggested we keep his name anonymous but then also told us we could publish it as Kardasho–his street name–is to remind those faux poverty-stricken infiltrators of North Brooklyn that it is unacceptable to treat their local bartenders like little better than shills, slaves for hire.

The backlash

“My message to the entire Jenner-Kardashian family is: know your fucking place. You built your empire on the backs of stupid people trying to emulate you, but they’re not so stupid as to not see just how out of touch with reality you are if you can’t spare a 20% at the bare minimum. This tag is just the start of something big. My anti-celebrity opus,” Kardasho declared. In the meantime, you can enjoy his debut work on most streets of Bushwick as it competes with OG ones like “Cost Fucked Madonna.” Yes, Bushwick certainly is a sucker for the fame-themed graffito.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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