Khaki Store in Bushwick Won’t Stop Playing D’Angelo Album on a Loop

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Ever since D’Angelo’s Black Messiah has been declared a masterpiece by every white media outlet in existence, there’s been a plague of overplaying across the land. But no other institution has played the album in such non-stop heavy rotation as local khaki store, Khaked Out, located on Jefferson Street and Wyckoff Avenue near House of Yes and Northeast Kingdom.

Apparently, where there's khaki, there's D'Angelo

Apparently, where there’s khaki, there’s D’Angelo

Indeed, the owner of the store, Murray Smith, a 34-year old of Anglican descent who hails from Lincoln, Nebraska, has been receiving a flurry of complaints from all races regarding the obnoxiously loud blaring of Black Messiah at all hours of operation (specifically from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.). One passerby, a Blasian named Janet Li, commented to The Burning Bush, “I loved this album when it first came out. Now, I never want to hear it again.”

Album cover for Black Messiah

Album cover for Black Messiah

Although The Burning Bush attempted to go inside of Khaked Out to discuss Smith’s obsession with playing a record that clearly has no resonance with his particular life situation (D’Angelo wrote the album in response to the protests against the barrage of police killings that went down from November through December), we forgot that our distinct and very specific allergy to khaki prevented us from doing so. We’ll never know why Smith is playing this album: if it’s intended to be a statement on unlikely musical and sartorial pairings or if he just wants to fuck D’Angelo and this is the closest he can get. Whatever the case, the uncomfortable silence of Mary Meyer is looking pretty appealing right about now.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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