Kumi Bara, A Vague “Moving Company,” Is Suspected of Freely Advertising Dead Body Removal Service

January 3, 2018 0 145 Uncategorized

Kumi Bara has long been one of many strange fixtures on the Bushwick “scene” (or what’s left of it if certain graffiti is any indication). Billed as an illustration/graphic design company, Kumi Bara has recently acquired a moving truck that has been spotted throughout town as pervasively as the work of Art Bitch.

Move what, exactly?

While it might sound innocent enough, the imagery on the side of the van is what leaves one with cause for concern. A body with a decapitated head running behind another woman with a devil horned hand assuring, “We move stuff,” doesn’t exactly bode well for what, precisely, it is the members of Kumi Bara are willing to move.

They’ll move stuff for you, all right

At least that’s what the only customer willing to talk to The Burning Bush corroborated. Preferring to remain anonymous so as to protect his identity from the potential of itself being removed in a body bag by Kumi Bara, the user of the service assured, “Yeah, they’ll handle corpses for you. Not to say I couldn’t have done it myself, but let’s be honest: I’ve got artist’s hands that I can’t taint with cleanup of…this nature.” So you heard it first. If that roommate finally gets on your last nerve and you snap, Kumi Bara can dispose of the body as easily as other movers pack up your shit and put it in their truck. No problem. No problem at all.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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