La Lupe Replaces Salad Wheel Because Bushwickians Hate “Salad and Shit”

March 3, 2015 3 1630 News, Restaurants

You probably haven’t noticed since you’re just one of the many Bushwickians who could give less than three fucks about salad, but The Salad Wheel on Jefferson Street off the Myrtle-Broadway stop has been replaced by a Mexican restaurant called, appropriately, La Lupe (meaning “the wolf” in Spanish for you gringo types).

Salad Wheel's replacement

Salad Wheel’s replacement

Indeed displaying wolf-like qualities by swooping in on The Salad Wheel’s turf, owner Mesa Astucia, a 38-year-old Dominican woman who “puts a Dominican spin on Mexican food,” told The Burning Bush, “We saw that most people were not interested in the salad scene, and we capitalized on the weakness of The Salad Wheel by offering to buy them out. They were very eager to accept the payoff. I imagine they had a lot of wilted leaves in their stockroom.”

The former Salad Wheel

The former Salad Wheel

While The Salad Wheel tried its best to offer a healthy alternative to Fat Row a.k.a. the Popeye’s and Checkers located right next to each other when you disembark from the JMZ, there was absolutely zero demand for its non-artery clogging fare–especially since it was right across the street from Bizarre and, as we all, know, drunk people like to indulge in food that is bad for them. Russell Tacoaddict, a 23-year-old who gets tired of the bar menu at Bizarre, was elated with the business shift. “Who wants to eat salad and shit? That’s not going to sustain me as I try to get more fucked up. La Lupe is the best thing that could’ve happened to this street.” Check out all La Lupe has to offer–whether drunk or sober–next time you find yourself by Myrtle-Broadway.

Written by Genna Rivieccio


  1. karla March 10, 2015 at 11:02 pm -

    Thank you for the update, I am the owner of “La Lupe” not dominican but,who really cares, the food here is make with love, i didn’t buy anybody out, i was a prior investor at the salad shit and lost my money because Reynold is a fuck, got the lease that cost me a lot of $$$ honey and now, I am running my own party because “La Lupe” is a fiesta for my mother every day. Check the bushwickdaily, they said it right.

    Much Love

    Karla Munoz

  2. John Sanchez March 22, 2015 at 5:05 am -

    The owner of La Lupe is really rude and so idiot person. I hope she losses her business because she doesn’t now what’s she’s doing . Cheers crazy B

  3. Ride the Food Wave May 7, 2015 at 8:38 am -


    The food is not that good

    The owner is nasty and rude. I’m sure with all her hate she does things to people’s food!

    Just check YELP

    Im sure her mother is turning in her grave!

    So over this Wack-job.