Lena Dunham Book Signing at Human Relations Quickly Turns into Lena Dunham Book Burning

September 29, 2014 5 6228 Literature, News

The backlash against lazy celebrity continues in Bushwick this week. On the heels of Penn Badgley’s band being asked to get off the stage at Radio Bushwick, the rage against famous people who have claimed Bushwick as their own forges ahead with rent-increase darling Lena Dunham. Her debut novel, Not That Kind of Girl, which she was paid six figures for before it was even written, was released two days in advance at Human Relations in honor of her book signing there on Sunday at 8 p.m.

Angry hordes banded together to burn Dunham's book

Angry hordes banded together to burn Dunham’s book

The line to get inside expanded all the way around the corner of Knickerbocker from Flushing, but only ten people were hand-selected for entry by Dunham based on their knowledge of Girls trivia. While everyone was forced to buy a copy of the book if they wanted to stand in line, those who waited for hours throughout Sunday were not aware that this would be the process for gaining admission and, presumably, being able to see Dunham naked at some point during the reading. 

Dunham acted unfazed as the fire burned on a literal and emotional level outside

Dunham acted unfazed as the fire burned on a literal and emotional level outside

A visceral reaction ensued, as the readers cast aside by Dunham formed an allegiance and piled their copies of the book sky-high, doused it with lighter fluid someone had bought from Hi Mango! and sent an army of lit matches into the book-filled trenches. Dunham, who had holed herself up inside with the other ten people she had plucked from the line, did not panic, but instead, called someone at HBO to send a cameraman so she could use the scene for a future episode of Girls

Written by Genna Rivieccio