Lena Dunham Uses “Brooklyn Baby” in Awkward Sex Scene for Girls

July 2, 2014 1 1670 Hipster Commentary, News

As any Bushwick/Williamsburg/Greenpoint a.k.a. Fake Brooklyn resident is aware, Lena Dunham has a real knack for destroying everything you love by publicizing it on Girls. As a “gritty” and “accurate” account of millennial life in this particular area, Girls sees fit to graft whatever part of the culture it wants and present it as Dunham’s own. Hence, it’s no big shock that the former clothing boutique worker would see fit to include Lana Del Rey’s “Brooklyn Baby” in one of her infamously awkward sex scenes.

Picture this set against "Brooklyn Baby"

Picture this set against “Brooklyn Baby”

The Burning Bush was tipped off by one of the production assistants on the show (they’re always so willing to talk), who stated, “The song really speaks to Lena, who grew up in Brooklyn and knows it like the back of her ass. She wants to use it for a sex scene between her and Penn Badgley, who’s guest starring on the show thanks to Zosia.” As we previously reported, Bushwick has already adopted the song as its official anthem, but is now considering rescinding the decree now that it will forever be associated with Dunham’s nude body.

Written by Genna Rivieccio, Brooklyn Baby no more

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