Let the L Train Be Your Runway Tonight

February 16, 2015 1 774 Fashion, L Train, News

Fashion Week, which, let’s be honest, no one still gives a shit about, can always be counted on for one thing: creating headlines. These headlines are generally not, however, related to the fashions themselves so much as the publicity stunts surrounding them. Last year, the standout event was Miley Cyrus’ appearance wearing ice cream pasties at a Bushwick warehouse party post-Alexander Wang show at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. This year, the occasional porn star has been one-upped by a portable fashion show on the L train.

The L train platform is everyone's runway

The L train platform is everyone’s runway

The fashion designer responsible for the commotion-causing event, Kiki DeVry, a 20-year-old Parsons dropout, gathered together a group of twenty female models–all from the Bushwick area–to ride the L train from Dekalb Avenue to Bedford Avenue dressed in her provocative designs. DeVry explained, “I wanted to bring my gorgeous artistry to the huddled masses. What better way to do so than show them on the train?” A self-confessed “non-train rider,” DeVry heard from various friends in lower social classes than her that a large amount of people have to ride public transportation, making it the perfect outlet for her to force her designs on their eyes.

Stoic non-onlookers don't watch as this model strikes a pose

Stoic non-onlookers don’t watch as this model strikes a pose

Renna Disaffecto, a fashion designer in her own right who moved to Bushwick from Venice, said of the display, “I didn’t find it to be any different from show time. I just ignored it and concentrated on the book I was reading about Elsa Schiaparelli.” In general DeVry’s hope to invigorate “the common man” about her debut line, Attention Whore, proved to be a bust, which means she wasted approximately $75 in MTA fare to get her models and crew on the train. But we’re sure she can figure out how to write it off.

Written by Genna Rivieccio


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