Little Caesar’s Gives Mama Roberta’s A Run For Its Money

October 15, 2014 3 742 Local Business, News, Pizza

After Roberta’s was bought out by Papa John’s and re-branded as Mama Roberta’s, it felt the need to rebel by opening up a second location next door and calling it Roberta’s again. But in the cutthroat world of pizza, one is never safe from a little not so friendly competition. Enter Little Caesar’s, the once popular chain in the 80s and 90s that now only ever seems to appear in K-Marts the way Starbucks appear in Targets. 

Right in your neighborhood

Right in your neighborhood

Franchised by a local pizza lover named Mo’Nique Larjass, the Little Caesar’s has strategically opened next to the new Roberta’s on Moore Street. The consequence has been almost instantaneous as everyone from Morgan to Broadway Junction has flocked to the cheap eatery to get their fill of crazy bread and somewhat questionable pepperoni pizza.

Roberta's has nothing on this Little Caesar's pizza

Roberta’s has nothing on this Little Caesar’s pizza

Larjass commented to The Burning Bush, “I just knew in like my heart or whateva that people wanted a Lil’ Caesar’s in dey life. At least I knew I did. I was so ova dis frou frou white people pizza that I wanted to bring it back to the roots of what pizza should be: greasy, cheesy and makin’ you wake up in da middle of da night ’cause yo mouth is so goddamn salty.”

Roberta's to-go doesn't have the same cheap cachet as Little Caesar's

Roberta’s to-go doesn’t have the same cheap cachet as Little Caesar’s

Whether or not Little Caesar’s will maintain a long-term triumph over Roberta’s and Mama Roberta’s is currently unknown. But we do know that five dollar pizza always tends to sound more appealing than seventeen dollar pizza.

Written by Genna Rivieccio