Local Bodegas Worried Over Felt Bodega Competition

June 6, 2017 Comments Off on Local Bodegas Worried Over Felt Bodega Competition 189 Art

With the success of the felt bodega in the Meatpacking District, plans for expansion to the likes of Bushwick are in full swing, and with it panic among bodegas of a tangible nature serving and selling actual, real things. But since when do people want anything that’s real, eh?

Felt items are just so much chicer

“It’s just so cute, all these little felt pieces. I know I should spend my money on things I can actually use, but when I see the adorableness of something like a KY gel in felt, I just can’t resist ‘wasting’ my money on the impracticality,” commented one of many suckers who have proven that if something is kitschy and useless, it will be profitable in Brooklyn.

$35? Get fucked

So naturally, an outpost has been secured right near Troutman Street, where the Felt Up Bodega, as it is to be called, will be in direct competition with a large bulk of the longstanding storefronts in Bushwick. And yes, so often, that’s just what they are: fronts (see: Caramelo Candy & Grocery). Nonetheless, don’t fronts deserve a fair chance to compete? But how can they with such hipster kryptonite as this?

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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