Looking Glass Vandalized, Former Patrons of Goodbye Blue Monday Implicated

June 10, 2015 1 1237 Bars, Local Business, News

What was once the hallowed ruins of Goodbye Blue Monday on Broadway has now transmuted into a craft beer bar called Looking Glass. It’s almost too cruel, in fact, that the bar that has cropped up in Goodbye Blue Monday’s place bears a similar concept, save for the fact that instead of PBR being served up with a frown, you get locally brewed beer served with a smile.

Goodbye Blue Monday's replacement

Goodbye Blue Monday’s replacement

One supposes this is why many former regulars of the kitschy, all-art embracing venue/bar have been implicated in an act of vandalism against Looking Glass that included bricks thrown through windows, a good old-fashioned toilet papering and egging and an ominous graffito left behind that reads “GBM 4EVA.”

The interior of Looking Glass in aftermath of vandalism

The interior of Looking Glass in aftermath of vandalism

Thus far, the only suspect police have in custody is 28-year-old Ramiro Performanza, who regularly signed up at Goodbye Blue Monday’s open mic night every Tuesday, often performing dramatic readings of Party Girl. Performanza was apprehended leaving the scene with a number of other ex-Goodbye Blue Monday patrons, but, unfortunately, he was the only one with eggy weggs and spray paint on his hands. Looking Glass owner Miriam Deestroya could not be reached for comment.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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