Madonna Makes Surprise Appearance at Express Yourself to Sing “Express Yourself”

February 25, 2015 2 743 Local Business, Music, News

While most Bushwickians remain blissfully unaware that Madonna has new music out, they’re not so blacked out so as to have forgotten that one of her most famous songs is “Express Yourself.” As a matter of fact, the owner of local coffee shop/espresso bar, Express Yourself, named the establishment with exactly this song in mind.

Luis Musicapop, whose parents moved to Bushwick from Puerto Rico back in the 1970s, confirmed to The Burning Bush, “I was listening to ‘Express Yourself’ a lot back in 1989, kind of feeling like shit because there were always like gunshots going off outside my window, so the song was sort of this comfort for me about not being afraid to go out into the world and express myself–which is ultimately why I named my business after it.”

Madonna belting her heart out to general disinterest

Madonna belting her heart out to general disinterest

So when Madonna popped in all the way from Manhattan to sing an impromptu rendition of the beloved track, Musicapop about lost his damn mind. Other patrons, however, remained unflappable. “I thought Madonna retired after she kissed Britney Spears that one time,” remarked Ignoranta Young, an 18-year-old zygote who listens primarily to Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande. Young was just one of the many who went about their computer business as though the performance of a lifetime wasn’t transpiring right in front of them. After Madonna was finished she seethed, “I left the Upper East Side for you fuckers? This is what I get for trying to bring taste to Bushwick.”

Written by Genna Rivieccio