Make Bushwick Great Again: Bernie Bros Trade In Their Hats

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In some convoluted, yet slightly predictable twist of fate potentially elicited by the Bushwickian’s fondness of irony, what was once out is now in. It has been reported that several Bernie bros of Bushwick have traded in their party hats, claiming that their loyalties are now to presidential candidate Donald Trump.


We spoke with recent Trump aficionado and Bushwick resident Luke Hogle, who explained his newfound devotion to the republican party’s front runner. “I was pretty into Bernie Sanders up until recently, but then I noticed that mostly everyone else I knew liked him too. All I know is that I don’t want to be sipping on the kool aid that everyone else is. Besides, Trump is a pretty cool dude. He has a gianormous set of balls and a huge cock. The guy says whatever the fuck he wants, it’s awesome,” says Hogle. “Come to think of it, he reminds me a lot of my buddy Brad. Brad’s the man.”

Trump Bros: Luke, John, and Brad

        Trump Bros: Luke, John, and Brad.

Hogle went on to express his enthusiasm for other modifications to the neighborhood, raving about how “stoked” he was over the news that Tiltz Sports Bar would be opening on Flushing this fall.

Written by Nicole Benson

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