Many Dancing At House of Maybe Tonight Will Have No Idea Who Britney Spears Is

December 2, 2017 Comments Off on Many Dancing At House of Maybe Tonight Will Have No Idea Who Britney Spears Is 322 Music

With the shuttering of Toxic in favor of Mad Tropical, what little exposure there could be to the iconography of Britney Spears in a neighborhood filled with embryos was plucked in one fell swoop. But one faction that will never forget the name Godney are the gay boys. And they have a hand in helping to establish the content at House of Maybe.

Notice me

That’s why 35-year-old Director of Playlist Content Reg Ister is making it a point to pack the songs on tonight’s docket with ample B. Spears in order to honor her thirty-sixth birthday. “We wanna play various remixes of ‘Toxic’ and ‘Womanizer,’ and maybe some deep cuts, like the ones off Glory and Britney Jean,” Ister commented. When Ister was asked if he felt the under twenty-three set would even be aware of who the woman behind the voice is, he immediately responded, “Of course not, they’re all retards who don’t understand that Taylor is 3G mode and Britney is wifi. And they don’t even know what a retard is, because you’re not allowed to say that word anymore.”

A marked difference that youths can’t fathom

So while the blissfully unaware of quality pop music denizens dance their life away on Mommy and Daddy’s dime tonight, the “geriatric set” like Ister will watch the party they’ve puppeteered from afar, wondering what this generation is going to do once the OG millennials have died out.

Written by Genna Rivieccio, member of the geriatric set

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