Maria Hernandez Park Creates Its Own SummerScreen, SunScreen

April 19, 2017 Comments Off on Maria Hernandez Park Creates Its Own SummerScreen, SunScreen 333 Film

Williamsburg has long dominated pretty much everything in matters of wealth, free events and highest concentration of corporate chains in Brooklyn. But now, Bushwick is finally fighting back this summer with its own response to the long beloved SummerScreen in McCarren Park, which just announced its lineup of prototypical millennial favorites, including Mean Girls, Donnie Darko and Selena.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the Bushwick way if there wasn’t just a tinge more grit to your average outdoor movie gathering. That’s why New York Film Academy dropout and current Syndicated employee Sully Uloid, a 32-year-old from North Dakota, is heading up the arrangements and schedule for SunScreen at Maria Hernandez Park starting in mid-June. The first film to be screened–The Human Centipede–is highly telling of the motif Uloid is going for.

“I want Bushwick’s film series to really stand out, and to make a bold commentary on not just humanity, but the specific ilk that flocks to our neighborhood,” explained Uloid as he wiped off one of the DVDs to be screened later at Syndicated, lest another person get a complimentary ticket to placate rage over the skipping. The schedule will only continue to intensify over the summer with picks that also include Nekromantik, Gummo, Cannibal Holocaust and Glitter. So grab your sunscreen (to at least pay homage to the series’ name) and a beach towel and get ready for a summer of cinema in Bushwick that won’t have you schlepping to see the staid likes of I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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