Mary Meyer Accused of Child Labor in Bronx Sweat Shop

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“I’m having some kids in the Bronx make me some new stuff as we speak, so the store should be fully stocked again by Monday,” Mary Meyer 


As some of you may remember, many eager Bushwick shoppers lamented the lack of discounted product available at Mary Meyer when they arrived at the local store this past Black Friday. When Mary Meyer told us that she had “kids” in the Bronx working on new clothing for her, we initially assumed she was casually referring to her peers since many people in Bushwick have an innate tendency to refuse to acknowledge when they’ve surpassed the age of adolescence. But after further investigating, The Burning Bush managed to sniff out what appeared to be a sweat shop in the Bronx, just where Meyer admitted her clothing was being manufactured. Several children aged 3-11 years were rescued from a Bronx warehouse, where they were found tirelessly sewing garments which suspiciously resembled garb being sold at the Mary Meyer store. Meyer has yet to be officially charged, but she is currently being detained by Bushwick police for questioning.

Two young children working to the bone so ungrateful hipsters can look good.

In the photo shown, the flannels hung above the working children give no question as to where the clothes are being sent.

The store will remain open as the investigation is pending. According to police, Meyer claimed she was unaware that child labor laws existed in the United States, although she denies any knowledge that preschool aged children were using their tiny fingers to fasten trendy clothes for Bushwick hipsters at her behest. The rescued victims have been placed in foster homes by child services, but all were too afraid to say who was holding them captive.

Yamanda Decadent

Yamanda Decadent

“I mean, I already have a bunch of bracelets and clothes that I bought at Mary Meyer. If I find out that she really is using kids to do all of her grunt work, I’ll still probably keep wearing all of it. I wouldn’t want their hard work to go to waste,” Yamanda Decadent expressed when asked about her thoughts on the scandal. “I’ll still probably keep buying stuff from there, actually. I’m sure if she’s guilty of all this, she’s probably super sorry and feels really bad about it. I forgive her. I don’t have that many options to choose from around here anyway.” Decadent, who was recently ranked 29 in Bushwick’s 30 Under 30, continued the remainder of the conversation looking into the mirror of her compact to touch up her lipgloss.

Written by Nicole Benson

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