Men’s Activism Spreads from Portland to Bushwick

October 23, 2014 3 1169 News

After a progressive man in Portland spoke his mind about an all-female/transgender comedy act, the startling new movement known as men’s activism has quickly spread to Bushwick. Many people of the male gender, fed up with condescending blogs like, have banded together to take down the matriarchal society that has fast risen in the North Brooklyn/Bushwick area, especially with regard to feminist groups like We the Femmes

Chart created by members of Cock2Cock, a new men's activist group in Bushwick

Chart created by members of Cock2Cock, a new men’s activist group in Bushwick

Rego Sternwald, the 45-year-old man responsible for founding Bushwick’s own Cock2Cock, took a moment to tell The Burning Bush why he thinks feminism has mutated into misandry, and the need for men to stand up for their rights again. “These sluts in Bushwick, running around with their labia out like they aren’t asking to be ogled, but then blaming men for rapes and what not, need to be put back in their place. I mean equal to men. Right now they seem to think they’re above us.”

Protesting near Maria Hernandez Park

Protesting near Maria Hernandez Park

When The Burning Bush attempted to reach We the Femmes for a counter-statement, we were met with a flurry of bloody tampons in our faces as punishment for even deigning to speak with Cock2Cock members (that’s kind of repetitive, isn’t it?) in the first place. And, with the many ties these Feminazis (pardon the use of a word coined by Rush Limbaugh) have to Portland via interactions with women like Juniper Pithair, it’s likely there’s going to be an all-out bicoastal war between men’s and women’s rights activists upon the once peaceful neighborhood of Bushwick.

Written by Genna Rivieccio