Milo’s Yard Accused of False Advertising for Not Having Backyard Open

September 5, 2015 Comments Off on Milo’s Yard Accused of False Advertising for Not Having Backyard Open 681 News

note: being that Ridgewood and Bushwick are now construed as the same thing, The Burning Bush occasionally covers this beat.

With a name like Milo’s Yard, one might automatically assume that there would be a backyard available to get wasted in. Even Old Stanley’s has one, after all. But alas, many patrons have been disappointed by arriving at the relatively new bar only to find that they are stranded inside of the pinball machine-laden back area.

Milo's Yard...should have a backyard, shouldn't it?

Milo’s Yard…should have a backyard, shouldn’t it?

So disappointed, in fact, that a number of bar-goers have decided to band together to accuse Milo’s Yard of false advertising. “How could they possibly call it that when the door to the outside is locked, huh?” said New Jersey transplant Mickey Mook, a 26-year-old who has placed second in a number of drinking competitions.

Yes, there are pinball machines, but where's the backyard

Yes, there are pinball machines, but where’s the backyard

The manager of Milo’s, Milo de Milo, offered, “We want to assure all our customers that we will be opening the yard before September is over so that people can enjoy what’s left of their summer.” This promise has not quelled the anger by any means, however, with business tapering off at an alarming rate due to dissatisfaction with being able to air out one’s sweat after an intense game of pinball. Let’s hope the bar remedies this situation before the lawsuit actually comes to fruition.

Written by Genna Rivieccio




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