Monogamish: “Relationships” in Bushwick

April 4, 2014 2 1852 Politics, Relationships

Before you moved to Bushwick, you were probably already skeptical of the notion of a relationship. Or maybe you’re so evolved that the thought of one never even crossed your mind. But once you set foot across Bushwick territory lines, you may have noticed that the concept doesn’t really exist at all. Sure, there are people who you see walking together for a few weeks, but then, ultimately you see each person walking with someone new. And so it goes on the streets of Flushing, Knickerbocker, Morgan, etc. Monogamy is replaced with monogamish, and you’re lucky just to call yourself part of someone else’s half for more than a night.



However, if you do make it into “relationship” status, there’s a strong likelihood that there’s something wrong with it. Like one of you is probably making out and/or fucking and/or spending most of your time with someone else. But, for certain social occasions, you find yourself constantly thrown together for the convenience of others who need to keep track of your status.

You're nobody till somebody loves you in Bushwick.

You’re nobody till somebody loves you in Bushwick.

And that’s another thing about being monogamish in Bushwick. Most of the time, it’s just to boost your own visibility, or to appear to belong to a certain caste in the “scene.” It’s the goddamn Beverly Hills of Brooklyn in that respect–only with rats and debris instead of sunshine and smoothies.

Photo Credits: Die Hipster, Gothamist, Bushwick Daily

Written by Genna Rivieccio