More Mental Institutions Coming to Town Thanks to People Pretending to Be Crazy

July 31, 2016 3 376 News

Thanks to the guilt-ridden existence of those pretending to be crazy in order to make up for their normalcy, the attention of the American Psychology Association has been drawn to Bushwick as a hub in need of more mental institutions.
Most Bushwickians rooms already look like a mental institution anyway
“It’s been a source of real concern for us, this hotbed of psychotic activity in Bushwick. From people ghosting at random because of emotional immaturity to the self-destructive pattern of indulgence, it’s clear we need to help these people by offering them more mental health care options,” commented the head of the Committee to Normalize Bushwick, Sergio Naragansett, a 35-year-old Italian American from Massachusetts.

The "crazed" look of most Bushwickians, especially men

The “crazed” look of most Bushwickians, especially men

Those “crazy” types who have gotten wind of the plan to build more loony bins–particularly off the JMZ and L trains–don’t seem to realize the catastrophic nature of what they hath wrought, bandying phrases like, “Cool, free food” and “As long as there’s cough syrup there too,” not fully comprehending that they’ve made faux insanity acceptable.

Written by Genna Rivieccio