More People Traveling to Bushwick to Experience the 1980s

September 28, 2014 5 1252 Fashion, News

Bushwick is pretty much a grab bag of every trend underneath the ozone layer-unfiltered sun, but, more than anything, Bushwickians have perfected the attention to detail required to accurately re-create that ever more distant decade, the 1980s. More than just donning neon or wearing Spandex, residents of the neighborhood pay greater homage to the London underground scene that favored bowler hats, long oversized coats and military boots.

The dream of the 1980s is alive in Bushwick

The dream of the 1980s is alive in Bushwick

Of course, you’ve still got your token novices who try to pass off 80s style merely as wearing a Choose Life or band tee, but, by and large, more people are flocking from other parts of Brooklyn and Manhattan to experience the unique vitality so specific to this decade–particularly on the sartorial front. Luckily, no one has felt the need to be so authentic as to start adopting an 80s dialect, as perfectly imitated by Alec Baldwin in the one hundredth episode of 30 Rock. This lilt, characterized by ending everything with a question mark, would undoubtedly cause too much confusion among the cafe culture of the area. I mean, can you imaging the following exchange:

Customer: I want a latte?

Barista: Okay?

Customer: Is that not what you think I should get?

Barista: No?

And on and on until the cafe closed. So yes, it’s safe to say that Bushwick has only culled the best elements of the 80s, barring of course its occasional AIDS outbreaks.

Written by Genna Rivieccio