Most McKibbin Residents Now Literally Homeless Instead of Merely Living Like Derelicts

August 9, 2017 0 100 News

“Illegal transient use” is almost too polite a term to describe the strange tableau that is the McKibbin, what with its black holes, loft bed deaths and the general PTSD it induces whenever walking near. The near tenement style of living within each “loft,” which should really only house one person attempting to live “the Bushwick lifestyle,” comes under scrutiny every so often. But now, that scrutiny has left most residents on the bad side (255) of the McK without a pot to piss in (and yes, they do usually just piss in pots).

The bad side looming

A standard raid by city inspectors hoping to prove the very overt fact that the McK is constantly being used as an Airbnb hotel for Europeans who don’t know better¬†found them at least able to punish the certain type of landlords for their moral laxity. Turning a blind eye to the many non-legal partitions set up to form rooms with ventilation that even a mole would detest, the building’s owners (though can anyone “own” the McKibbin?) were forced to kick out most of their tenants, already living like derelicts anyway.

The homeless/McKibbin look

“A part of me wants to feel mad about it, but the other part me is kind of like, ‘Meh,’ aren’t I already living in squalor anyway? At least now I don’t have to pay for it,” commented one of the newly street urchin former tenants, Malcolm Destituto, a 39-year-old whose personal mantra is, “Why leave Bushwick?” But knowing the landlord lust for dough, we’re sure these briefly homeless ilk will find a new hole to crawl into in no time.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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